Last Operation Christmas Child Collection Center was a great success!  There was a total of 23,510 shoeboxes processed last year.

Changes for 2017-18:  No Candy, No Toothpaste in shoesboxes.  Shipping is $9 per box.

Please be aware that we cannot accept boxes before or after the posted times.  Shoeboxes must be counted for accuracy, packed into shipping boxes, loaded onto trucks, closed and locked, paperwork completed, and all trailors ready for the truck drivers at scheduled delivery pick-up times.  

Thursday, November 16, 3 - 6 PM
Friday, November 17, 3 - 6 PM
Saturday, November 18, 10 AM - 5 PM
Sunday, November 19, 1 - 4 PM
Monday, November 20, 9 AM - 12 PM NOON 

If you have any questions contact Shirley Carlton at 256-656-9356.


Here is a list of items NOT to place in any of the shoe boxes.  Unfortunately, these items are removed upon arrival in Atlanta as they are processed and before they are shipped out to their destinations.
Anything liquid (shampoo, hand-sanitizer, bubbles, nail polish, lip gloss, glue, etc.)
Breakable (procelain dolls, miniature tea sets, mirrors, etc.)
Military items, Pokemon, or toy weapons
Perishable Food (Snack cakes, crackers, cookies, etc.)

List of items to place in shoeboxes:
Pencil and Pencil Sharpeners
Sewing kits
Washcloth and bar soap
Coloring Books