WHBC is committed to sharing the gospel and helping others through missions. We work in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and uttermost parts of the world, faithfully pursuing mission and ministry opportunities.

Currently, we have many opportunities available for brothers and sisters who desire to join in and go on mission. It is the church's goal to enable and support the called. If you or your group have a new mission project in mind, please contact WHBC staff and share what God has laid on your heart(s). In order to ensure adequate resources are available and no overlap exists, mission projects need to be approved and coordinated with the church calendar.

This will help all of us better serve the Great Commission here at WHBC.

Our Jerusalem: WHBC Members

Contact:  Deacons (deacons@wallhighway.com).
Tasks:  To help our Senior Members and Shut-in's with their needs.

Our Judea: Madison County
Tasks:  Work in area missions to help our community with needs and ministry.

Thanksgiving Dinner Ministry 2016, Informational Bulletin Insert.
- Downtown Rescue Mission, Serving the 2nd Monday of each month at 4:45 and 5:45 PM, Contact Bro. Greg greg@wallhighway.com or 256-837-0971.  Please arrive by 4:30 and 5:30 PM to be ready to serve.
Loads of Love, Laundry Ministry, 1st Saturday of each month, Contact church office for further information, 256-837-0971, or contact Rick Franklin, Kirk McCauley, Christy Williams, or Michelle Stewart.

Our Samaria: Alabama/North America
Tasks:  Work with North American missions with area churches, MBA or others as we have knowledge of.

New Circle Church, Indianapolis, IN

The World:
Tasks: To go on mission to foreign soil to share the gospel message and help in missions to other countries.

- Finding, Sharing and Serving Jesus in HaitiContact Mike Dunnemdunne@outlook.com or 256-503-7770
- Nepal Mission Trip, Contact David Johnston, dwjohnst@knology.net or 256-489-2092

Upcoming Events

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Missions Ministry Photo Archives

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